Unity: Getting started with “Post Processing”

AAA without much money? Fake it till you make it!

Games nowadays have many scenes where some areas are more accented than other scenes are. Take a bar sign for example. Those are mostly very bright and have lightning effects which are even noticeable behind a actual letter of the sign. This is one of the effects you can apply with “Post Processing”.

  • Make sure the “Packages:” Tab at the top is set to Unity Registry
  • Search for the Post Processing package
  • Install the package
  • Add a “Post-Process Volume” component
  • Make sure to tick the “Is Global” checkbox
  • You’ll get a notification saying that you have not assigned a profile for this volume. Simply create one by clicking the New button next to it.
  • Click on “Add Layer…”
  • Choose UI Layer 8 and rename it to “Post Processing”
  • Switch the Post Processing Volume Layer to the Post Processing Layer
  • Click on Layer inside the Post-Process Layer component
  • Select the just created “Post Processing” UI layer

The mission? Becoming a game developer! RPG is the dream! Writing down my journey here for me and for everyone interested. Thanks for showing interest :)