Unity - Let’s GIT started!

The key for every software developer!

The git download site
The git installer on Windows
A git bash window
How to create a GitHub repo
  • Give your repo a description if desired
  • Set the visibility to public or private
  • Add a .gitignore file for Unity
  • Right-click the project > “Open in Explorer
  • Right click the explorer > “Open Git Bash here
  • Type in “git init” to initialize the local repo
Initializing a local git repo
  • Click on your desired repository
  • Click on the green “Code” button
  • Copy the HTTPS URL
  • Go back to git and type in “git remote add origin <CopiedURL>
Connecting the remote server

The mission? Becoming a game developer! RPG is the dream! Writing down my journey here for me and for everyone interested. Thanks for showing interest :)