Visualizing damage on the Player

Hey! Your ship is hurt!

We have set up many things of the UI now. We have the score system, the health visualization via sprites and we just added enemy explosions! Now it’s time to add some details on the player. Let’s visualize the damage!

  • Press the W key on your keyboard to move the GameObject around
  • Move the sprite around with the two arrows shown
  • Click the sprite we use for visualizing the damage
  • Create an Animation Clip
  • Enable the Keyframe recoding mode
  • Drag the sprites into the timeline
  • Rename the duplicate.
    You can easily distinguish the duplicate from the original by looking out for a (1) suffix.
  • Two lives left, we enable the left visualizer
  • At one remaining life, both visualizers will get enabled.
  • Having no lives left, the player will disappear. And so will the damage visualizers as well

The mission? Becoming a game developer! RPG is the dream! Writing down my journey here for me and for everyone interested. Thanks for showing interest :)